Notice about Special Processing of Tickets Related with Japan

Dear Passengers ,

A typhoon took place in western of Japan on September 4, 2018, in order to protect the safety of passengers, and to facilitate their ticket refund or change, China Southern has made the following notice about refund and change of related tickets.

I. Applicable tickets:

Tickets in CZ stock, whose ticket date is on/before September 4, 2018, and whose air itinerary involves segment(s) between China and Japan on China Southern flights departing on/after September 4, 2018 and on/before September 20, 2018.

II. Processing:

For applicable tickets as defined above, the tickets are allowed to be refunded within their validity exempt from refund fee (including tickets whose fare rules indicate non-refundable), or are allowed to be changed to Japanese route before September 27, 2018 for free once (including tickets whose fare rules indicate non-changeable). Changing to the flights after September 27, 2018 are allowed to be changed exempt from change fee for one time (including tickets whose fare rules indicate non-changeable; fare differences caused by seasonality or booking class, etc. are not exempted).

III. Contact information:

China Southern Airlines 24-hour customer service hotline: 95539

Official website of China Southern Airlines:

Contact numbers of our offices in Japan are as follows

Open Hours

Mon.-Fri. 09:30am – 17:30pm.

Tokyo: 0570-0-95539/03-5157-8011

Osaka: 06-6448-6655

Nagoya: 052-218-8070

Toyama: 076-443-3895

Niigata: 025-279-1521

As Osaka Airport is seriously damaged by the typhoon, the policy described in this notice shall be adjusted based on the recovery and operation resumption of Osaka Airport. Please be informed.

China Southern Airlines Company Limited

September 9, 2018